TubcuT® Testimonials

Hi Craig...

Photo 1 This is the tub after Craig installed the TubcuT™
Photo 2 This is the same tub after Craig resurfaced it.

I just thought that you might like to know about the many compliments you get when people see my tub that you did.  I did have it repainted white after we finished the other bathroom.  I am still slowly remodeling the house and every time I take someone in there to show them what I want done, they comment on what a good job you did and ask who did it.  Sure hope you will get some business from this.  I'm going to have the floors tiled and replace the commode soon. I'll send a picture when that happens.  

The only thing that you probably won't like is the fact that even the opening is white.  I know that you said you were not allowed to paint it the same color due to the possible danger of tripping. I'm thinking that some day maybe I can put a new runner over the old one and it would show up better. For the present  it's fine. Vic uses the back shower since it has been repaired. so I don't have to worry about him tripping.

Thanks again for the tub cut. It really saved me some problems and allowed us to get the other work done quicker.  

Portia H


Dear Mr. Cortright...

My wife and I are very pleased with the TUB CUT solution to access our tub. We think it is the best and most economical way to go. All we have to do is slide the shower curtain closed and no leaks. Also no door and door seals to worry about. My wife said she would not be able to get along with out it. We would recommend it to anyone that has trouble getting into the tub.

Have  a good day
Ken  B.



You did a great job!

"Since having TubCut installed, I feel much more secure when entering or leaving the tub.

When you look at the workmanship of installing the TubCut, you know that it was done by a person who knew his job and did it, very professionally."

Maria L.
Greenville, TX


Dear Sir...


I am extremely thrilled with the bath tub cut down (TubCut™). I have artificial knees and it was a chore to get in and out the way it was. Now it is a piece of cake! Thank you so much Christian Village for having this conveniente done. I appreciate all you do for us.

Kathy D. L.

I am 4’9”. So this (the TubCut™) is very nice to get into the tub and out without falling. With a great grab bar too. Thank you very much.


The quality of the work done by Craig Cortright is above reproach. After talking to other residents who have encountered him personally one-on-one, everyone appreciates the courtesy and respect that he has so willingly given each person. He is a very special person, well qualified in his field and in human relations.

Doug S.

Attn:  Access Conversions
To whom it may concern: 

I’m writing about my bath tub cut down. I need to tell someone, because it is a blessing for me not to have to pull, and step over that tub to get in and out – It was really to high for me – Before the tub was cut I just dreaded (bath time).  Some times I’d just go to my friends house and bathe- I’ve fallen several times trying to climb out – That was a hassle seeing that I’ve had 2 major back surgeries – a left knee replaced, major neck surgery – and I’m 61 years old.  It’s been hard.

My tub getting cut down – is a joy and blessing for me. I can get my shower in peace – knowing I can just step right in – and out. No more scuffling – to get in and out – This is the way to go.

Thank you all
Nellie C.

I am very happy with my TubCut. I have a hip replacement and it is so much easier getting into my tub & having a shower chair. Craig Cortright did a great job cleaning up. I just feel so much safer now.

Shirley  H.

I really like the Tub Cut because it is so easy to walk into when a person has arthritis.  I really enjoy it.

Lorene S.

I praise The Christian Village for the bathtub makeover. I was handicapped for a while. It was a blessing to me.

Marjorie G.

I am very pleased with my bathroom now. It’s easy to get in and out of my tub. You did a good professional job.

Mildred T.

In regards to the “Tub Cut” – it’s great, I do not fear of falling anymore.  I have fallen so many times in the past. I have torn cartilage in both knees, plus I have arthritis in both knees, I am a lung cancer survivor, heart patient, two stints in heart, will be 87 May the fifth.

So many here in The Christian Village are so happy with the TubCut.  Thanks. Be happy to advertise for you anytime.

Edna H.

The tub looks very nice & is very easy to get in. Just be sure your shower curtain reaches to the bottom so you don’t have a wet floor.

Elizabeth R.

Since I got my bathtub fixed into a walk in shower. I enjoy it so much, it’s safe, not afraid of falling. Just walk in and walk out.

Craig Cortright, he did such a nice clean job. He was nice and friendly and everything went so well.

Laverl C.

Dear Craig:

I really enjoy the tub cut in my bathtub. I don’t have to climb over a high side.  I just step in and out of the tub easily. You did a good, clean, pleasant job.  You were friendly and pleasant.

Thank you,
Lenora K.

Dear Sir,

I am extremely thrilled with the bath tub cut down!  I have artificial knees and it was a chore to get in and out, the way it was. Now it’s a piece of cake!

Thank you so much Christian Village for having this convenience done. I appreciate all you do for us.

Kathy L.

It is wonderful!

Ruby H.

The improvement to my bathroom is the best thing that could happen.  I now feel safe when I get in and out of the tub. Thank you.

Vivian C.

I really like the Tubcut on my bath tub.  I’ve had total knee replacement on both knees and it is a lot easier to get in & out of tub. I’m not afraid of falling as I was.

D. B.

Dear Mr. Cortright,

We would like to express our thanks to you and to Christian Village for having you to do this work on our tub.

I, Colleen have had my knees operated on three times, and had a hard time getting into tub.  We are now able to get into tub so easily.

L. G. & Colleen T.

I am 68 years old and I have enjoyed my tub. It is much easier to get in & out for even me.  It wasn’t much of an inconvenience either.

Betty G.

View document from Christian Village Facility...

This is the image sent to us by the Christian Village Facility.

"The job done saved us lots of money in remodeling. The gentleman was prompt, courteous and very neat with his work. We just want to say Thank You for such a wonderful job. Our mother loves the accessibility and freedom of her new tub. She can actually get into the tub to take a shower by herself and it's much safer. Again, thanks for such a great job."

Sharon T.

Now that the excitement of getting the "TubcuT" is over, I wanted to let you know how happy I am with that concept. Even though I saw your video explaining how the process would be accomplished, I thought that it was a little too easy. Once your installer arrived at the residence (on time), he never took a break or had lunch. He worked tirelessly throughout the day making sure that everything was exactly as planned. His expertise and professionalism went beyond reproach. We were completely satisfied with the final outcome of the project. Several senior neighbors and relatives have looked at the work and reacted favorably with the concept too. I'm confident that you may have a few prospects in the near future.

Thanks again for everything you did for mom. She was so excited about getting into the tub once again without the fear of falling. That alone makes me sleep better at night knowing that she has the ability to step into the tub rather than the possibility of falling there.

Kind regards,
David A.

"Great job! I am really, really pleased with how my tub turned out. And after the work, my bathroom was just as clean as before."

Mrs. B.

"Mike did a great job installing my TUBCUT. He was efficient, clean and WOW was my tub beautiful! The TUBCUT really does have that 'factory' look."

Kermit N.

"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the Houston job was a great success - thanks to you and your husband. I have attached some pictures of the installation for your files - thanks for all the help. We may be contacting you again as we incorporate and develop the TubcuT into our marketing plan."

Mark B.

"Contacted the installer several weeks ago and today we've set up a date for installation. Haven't met him yet, but he's really a nice guy. Also talked with the folks out in Armstrong County and they were very helpful.  They praise your product. Thanks for all your help with my problem.  It's good to know there's still some nice folks around to take time out of their day to respond to an S.O.S."

Diane R.

"I want to thank you so much for installing the 'TubcuT' in my home. It really is a life saver for me. My home is very old and was built in the days of no stall showers. Yet I needed the convenience of not having to step over the tub, particularly since my car accident. Your service was prompt and the installation was perfect. I am so pleased. Thank you and be assured I will recommend 'TubcuT' with confidence."

Helen V.

I have to tell you I came across your "Tub Cut" site by accident. I had been searching the net looking for handicap... options that would make life easier for my wife... For the past 4 years, the only way she was able to get in to a tub to take a shower was if I actually lifted her legs over the tub. I had been wishing I could have the existing tub removed and replaced with a shower.

However the cost would be great and due to the fact that we have only 1 bathroom, it would have been impossible to go a week without one while it was being renovated. But once I saw your site, I knew there was answer!

I really can not find enough words to express how happy we are with the "Tub Cut". This is an incredible process that will no doubt fulfill the needs of our aging population. It has given back my wife some of her dignity, pride and independence.

I have attached a few photos of the work while it was in progress. Thanks again!"

Regards, John R.

"I see three aspects to this tub refurbishing project...human need, human design, and human work, all gathered together under human trust and respect and according to plan, completed in three days for reasonable cost. The human need, now satisfied, was great."

Pro Glaze

"Two full knee replacement surgeries and physical weakness rendered my wife, Marilyn, unable to sit in a tub, bathe, and rise unassisted. Her bathing is now practical and safe entering the tub to sit on a shower chair. TubcuT® and anti-slip surfaces made all this possible. A conventional shower stall was rejected, requiring three times the cost and four times the time...plus inconvenience, noise and dust.

Our son, Dennis, and I, both engineers, appreciate the design and the materials and process used. We have no significant suggestions...only approval.

It is a pleasure for us to speak freely of human work in superlative terms as this project deserves. To be fully successful, as this project is, depends stongly on the integrity and skill of the worker to achieve both functionality and cosmetic appeal including cleanup. You also considered us in your activity causing minimal inconvenience and little distress for my wife just home after ten days in the hospital. Marilyn and I feel blessed that Dennis found you for us. May our Lord jesus Christ grant you his peace and everything good."

John Dicken